Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Dad!

Of course I am about a week late but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD!
My dad is a very talented cartoonist. I spent much of my childhood sitting across the table from him admiring all of his funny drawings while I tried to make my own.
On the eve of anyones Birthday in my family, you will find my dad, sitting at the table, drawing away until late into the night when he starts getting loopy. Some of them start getting absolutely ridiculous! In the best way.
In the morning we wake up to my dad's drawings (with captions) hanging up, wishing us a very Happy Birthday.
I looked forward to this fun tradition every year.
Over the years my mom held on to as many of these drawings as she could. For his Birthday I organized them all into a book.
I think he liked it.

Happy Birthday Dad! I hope that your Birthday was as special as you have always made mine! Love you.

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