Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Emily- The Runner/ Jogger/ Shuffler.

I can now run/ jog/ shuffle (whatever you want to call it) 3.4 miles without stopping. I realize that it is not much for some people but to me it is INSANE. I hate running and I mostly just shuffle my feet, which looks awesome I am sure. I have never been good at distance, and I have never really had a desire to be good at running... Until I met my friend Leigh who lives down the street and is the most motivated person I know, next to my husband. She is the best kind of friend to have for a naturally lazy, complacent girl like me. She has me waking up at 5:30am every other day to run. And I actually enjoy it. A lot. Well, not in the moment but afterwards, I feel like superman.
Our time right now is 3.4 miles in 39 minutes but by the time we do a 5K in a few months we are probably going to kick some major trash. I am actually thinking about being... competitive about it. Me. Competitive. Never thought you would see that day did you, Steven/ Hale family?

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  1. it was just a matter of time before you came over to the dark side...