Thursday, October 4, 2012

My baby.

I have always thought of Winston as my little baby. 
Last week I took a picture of Winston and his cousin who is just weeks younger than him. 
And it hit me... 
Winston is more of a LITTLE BOY than a BABY. 
He is so handsome. And grown up. 
I thought I would have a lot more time before this happened...
Tomorrow I am going to wake up and he is going to be a teenager. 


  1. My goodness kid... Slow it down!
    He is a dream!
    Xelly and him will have such cute kids in like 45 years when we let them get married!

  2. He really has grown so quickly. Isn't it sad? I wish Gage could just be frozen at this age forever. I'm loving him and squeezing him and kissing him as much as I can, because I know he's my last. :(