Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dear Baby- The discovery

Dear Baby,

*WARNING: This post is full of graphic pregnancy test pee sticks. You have been warned.

Let's just start off by stating that I am a pretty impatient person.
Month after month I bought pregnancy tests to test early. Only to find out time and time again that I was indeed not pregnant.
On January 23rd a friend and I walked with our kids to the dollar store about a mile away to get fun things for the 5k color run the following Saturday.
While there I saw the super cheap ($1, obviously) pregnancy tests at the check out. Realizing that I could test that day I thought, why not, and grabbed 3.
When I got home I drank tons of water in anticipation for taking the test. About 20 minutes later I was ready! (TMI?)
So I went into the bathroom to do my business and in true toddler fashion, Winston followed me in. He was especially whiny and clingy in that particular moment and as soon as I was done I set the pregnancy test on the sink and I escorted Winston to his room...
In my frustration I sort of forgot about the test but as soon as I remembered I walked back into the bathroom fully, FULLY expecting to see another negative. As soon I walked in, this is what I saw...
With very shaky hands I got out my phone and in disbelief took this picture. Even though it is hardly noticeable, this is more of a line than I had seen in the 9 months leading up to it. I was hopeful.
And as the seconds went by it became more obvious and I could not stop taking pictures.
And I little while later I took a second one, of course, with the same result.

Now, I had the task of telling your dad. I knew that he would be super excited and I really wanted to do something cute to tell him. But of course being an impatient person, I texted him at work (around 12) and said, Hey, can you do me a favor?
He responded, What?
to which I replied, Will you grab a pregnancy test on your way home?
Then I got no reply from him. I was about to burst with this info that I had so I texted, You should probably call me...
Seconds later I got a call and I excitedly spilled that I had taken 2 dollar store pregnancy tests and I was pretty sure I was pregnant. But just to be sure I wanted him to get me a really good one (why can't we ever just be convinced with one?).
He was SO excited and sad that he had to go back to work the rest of the day after getting the news.
That night he got home with 2 more tests and sure enough...


  1. I am the worst with pregnancy tests and take them almost every day the whole week before my period is suppose to come! With this pregnancy I took a test like 4 days early and it looked negative and I threw it away and then took another the day of my pregnancy and it was positive. I pulled the other out of the trash (it wasnt a full trash haha) and it was positive too. I was so mad that I could have known a few days earlier! I am so happy for you and steven!

  2. dollar store tests are the way to go! The only ones I buy!!
    AHHH im still so excited!!