Friday, April 5, 2013


Easter is my all time favorite. I feel that it is by far the most important and special thing to celebrate in the history of man kind. The resurrection of Christ and all that it means for us... Really, no better reason to celebrate.
This Easter was great. Wonderful.
Winston got into hunting for Easter eggs which made my mother heart so happy and proud. It's the small things.
We went on an Easter egg hunt with my parents ward on Saturday, dyed eggs, got a visit from the Easter bunny and did baskets in the morning, went to church, and ended the day at my parents house for some good food and time with family and of course, another egg hunt.
Winston and Uncle Truman

And the Easter pirate ship. Classic... He's obsessed. 

Getting family pictures was... difficult. But fun! I call these realistic family photos.With the pirate ship. 

The after church/ after sugar crash. With the pirate ship.

My handsome big boy. 

Some of my first cousins that were there for the Easter party. Don't Winston and my cousin, Violet, next to him look like brother and sister?? 

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