Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sometimes when you are pregnant...

Sometimes when you are pregnant you feel gross.
How do I feel gross? Well, if my muffin top was not enough I am now a constant sweaty mess. Which means multiple clothing changes (for comfort purposes and because of the hot mess that I am), no make-up, and scary hair.
In my professional opinion Arizona, clothes, and pregnancy together should be illegal.
But really. Pregnancy makes anyone super tired but add a thousand degree heat on top of it? Good luck.
Side note: I will always love my Arizona. Even through the heat. I also LOVE and am grateful that I am pregnant. But sometimes a girl has just got to vent.
I am praying I make it through the summer without going out in public naked. It might have to come to that if I am required to make a public appearance somewhere (this is a rare occurrence, thank goodness).


  1. Hahaha! I couldn't keep quiet on this one. I have to comment and say I AGREE! I think this baby is making me at least three times as hot as I would be otherwise. IT IS SO HOT! Good luck making it through this summer.