Monday, August 12, 2013

Dear Baby- 25 to 32 weeks

You can pretty much tell how I am feeling about being this pregnant right now in the last picture.
This has been the longest summer of my life.
Also I am pretty sure that this baby is either already 15 pounds or there is a lost twin in there. He is a wild one. Just like his brother. Except I am pretty sure this one is going to break my ribs. He is very strong.
I am in a constant state of being exhausted (which could be associated with my iron deficiency) and keeping the house cleaned and entertaining a toddler are becoming more and more difficult.
I have been giving myself a pep talk the last few days that goes something like this... "You can do this! 8 more weeks is nothing. Just keep breathing." 
With that being said, I am still so thankful to be blessed with another baby. I just can't wait until I can hold him and love on him and in a very selfish way, have my body back.

how far along? 32 weeks 4 days 

total weight gain: I don't believe in looking at the scale anymore. 

maternity clothes? 100% with the exception of a few maxi skirts and dresses. 

stretch marks? Not yet... 

sleep: Not nearly as much as I would like. 

best moment this week: There is a lot to update. One of the most exciting is that we have settled on a name! Waiting to reveal to the world wide web, but we are very happy with it and feel it will be a nice name for our baby. 
I set up the crib (all by myself).
So far I have been almost perfectly healthy! This is so encouraging and I am looking forward to delivering much closer to my due date this time. 

miss anything? Getting up from a sitting position without striking back pain, sleeping, seeing my toes, holding my 2 year old without feeling like I am going to pass out... 

movement: All the time and all over the place. Like I said, this baby has to be HUGE! 

food cravings: Anything and everything that can be considered as junk food. Thai food... And now onto a different subject I would like to call, Cravings That Are Not Food. Yes. I have heard of this happening and always thought it was made up. A few months ago I started to get some SERIOUS cravings for... carpet cleaner, ice, gasoline, sharpies, laundry detergent, wet cement, new car, any and all cleaning products (the more chemicals the better)... Now, I am not stupid and I would never eat this stuff but every time I thought about these things I would salivate. In fact, I am right now. Truth be told I am still craving this stuff, hard core.
Well, when we get our glucose tests done apparently the blood they draw is also tested for other things. Like iron levels. My iron levels have always been on the low end my entire life. Which means that I am anemic.
Turns out that my iron levels are dangerously low while pregnant and that makes me crave really weird things.
So as soon as my blood was tested I got a call from my Dr. office to come down ASAP to get some supplements. And apparently craving these weird things is not going away... I will say that I have never had so much motivation to clean the carpet or the car before... It's pretty bad. 

anything making you queasy or sick: The nausea that I experienced in the beginning is starting to come back.

labor signs: Just good ol' braxton hicks. 

symptoms: Heart burn, minor swelling, back pain, and sometimes some pelvic pain... 

belly button in or out? Out!

wedding rings on or off? Off

happy or moody most of the time: The more uncomfortable I get, the moodier I get.

looking forward to: Having this baby! 

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  1. You're looking great! I hit 36 weeks yesterday and I'm definitely feeling it too!! I've got an active little one too... =)