Thursday, October 17, 2013

Birth Story Continued...

Something I forgot to mention was that as I was pushing, my Dr. looked... down there, and could see Tommy's head. She announced the he had a lot of hair (something I was pretty sure would happen considering Winston's hair and my constant heartburn). Then she looked again and announced that it was light, almost a slivery color. We were all surprised that I had another light baby. Well this one was born much lighter than Winston was. I was sure  that Tommy would be darker... I was also sure that he would be a girl so... My Dr. was obsessed with his hair and wanted my nurse to give him a bath as soon as possible so she could come back and see what it looked like washed. She cracks me up. And his hair is pretty awesome.
After Tommy was born I had the experience of having him placed right on my chest. Something I had missed out on with Winston who was born early. He hardy made a sound and just laid there, looked around and quickly fell asleep. I was immediately obsessed and was taking pictures like crazy. I very quickly posted his birth announcement on various social media. I was so excited and wanted to shout from the rooftops that HE WAS HERE!! The rush of adrenaline I have experienced after giving birth has been uncanny...  Another thing that was new to me was basically as soon as he came out he was licking his lips. Showing that he was a hungry little guy. Since Winston was born early he had a hard time eating. Something that we are still dealing with today. The kid could care less about food. How he could go an entire day on no food and still poop the way he does will never make sense to me...
As soon as I was done getting cleaned up my nurse wanted me to try to feed the baby. In all honesty I completely expected that he would not be able to latch, or get any food from me and need to be bottle fed like Winston. I had issues feeding Winston and I was dreading going through the process again. But, I felt that it was worth it to try.
So, I brought him up to my chest and without any assistance he latched right on and began eating. I was so happy and relieved I think I shed a few tears. He has been a champion eater ever since. He is not a fan of bottles, hated formula the only time he had it in the hospital overnight, and is not really a fan of pacifiers. I must admit that, despite the pain the first 2 weeks, I LOVE breastfeeding.
A few hours after having him my nurse wanted me to try to use the bathroom (which for anyone who has done this after giving birth knows that this is a terribly scary experience). Since I got the epidural I could not feel my legs AT ALL. But it had worn off enough by this point that walking to the bathroom sounded like no big deal to me. My nurse helped me swing my legs to the side of the bed. With her help I stood up and I heard her tell me to lock my legs. So I did. And then I took a step, bent my knee and came CRASHING to the floor. She meant for me to keep my legs locked while I walked... stupid me. My legs were noodles. I am not going to lie, it was a hard fall but since the medication was still pretty heavy I could not feel it a bit, and just laughed it off. On the other hand I think my nurse was on the verge of tears. She felt so bad.
And I need to wrap this up I am needed elsewhere...


  1. I am so glad that feeding has gone so well with little Tommy! I agree...the first 2 weeks if pain aside..breast feeding is amazing! :D I also agree with the amazingness of having baby right on your chest after birth..such an indescribable full of the spirit and totally bonding to your baby. :)

  2. Isn't it amazing that they know just where to go and what to do with the nursing on the chest right after birth thing? I couldn't believe that when Dylan did that. And what a blessing when nursing works out. He is so gorgeous. Those lips of his are to die for. So smoochable. Ohhhh how I love the babies. If I was there, I'd quickly introduce myself (since we STILL have never met face-to-face) and then love on that baby of yours. :)