Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bringing Tommy Home

I wrote this when Tommy was 2 weeks old and was just waiting to add some pictures. Thought it was time to post it since he will be 7 weeks tomorrow... 

The day that Tommy was born we planned for my dad to take Winston to preschool and then they were gonna come to the hospital afterwards.
The moment Winston walked into the hospital room I felt a change in our relationship. He was no longer my only little buddy, and I know he felt it too. He took one look at me in that bed and became instantly shy. My painfully clingy and loving momma's boy did not want to be around me. And it broke my heart a little bit. We tried to show him his brother and he showed little interest. And that's ok. He is one who has to warm up to certain things for a while before he is comfortable.  He finally felt good enough to snuggle with me on my cool hospital bed. And I felt good about it.

Tommy has been nothing short of a dream boat since he has been in our home. His first week was a little rough just because his nights and days were mixed up but now I put him down at 11:00pm and he wakes up around 3:30- 4:30 and goes back down until 7:00am. It really is a pretty sweet gig. Once I get passed the grogginess of being up at such a hateful hour, when he first wakes up, I LOVE it. It's dark outside, Winston and Steven are asleep, the house is still, and it's just me and my snuggly Tommy Boy. No distractions. It is just so peaceful.
Winston leaves Tommy alone for the most part but when he does interact with him he is so overly sweet and loving. I can't wait to see the 2 of them run around together someday.
Nothing could have prepared me for how challenging things with Winston would be once we brought the baby home... He is so sweet and nice to the baby but is acting out at me. Like, he is having a hard(er) time listening, has started to push other kids and is having a hard time with bed time... But I know that things will work out as we work with him.
Steven is in full time school finishing up the MAcc program in May, full time work and basically a full time calling in the bishopric. He is very busy. Days with him home are few a far between. Even the day we got home from the hospital he had to go into work for a half day. I have had plenty of wonderful help from so many people (mostly my mom) but for the most part I have had to transition to being a mother of 2 on my own. Steven does help any and every chance he can. He is such a hard worker. I love him.    
Regardless of the challenges that come with having a newborn and a toddler we are extremely happy. Sometimes I will have an especially challenging day with Winston and then he will climb onto my lap and tell me that he loves me. That's when all my frustration melts away... and I have remind myself that even though I feel like I fail him as a mother on the daily, I must be doing something right.
Just moments after getting home from the hospital. 

Our first night at home with Tommy. 

Brotherly love

first family walk, 2 days after getting home. 

Tommy's curly Q's after a bath. 

1 week old!

sleepy smiles. 

peeping Tom

At the Dr.'s office moments before the business to his boy parts took place.

Secret admirer. 

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