Monday, December 14, 2009

20 going on 10

Yesterday I had one of THOSE moments. As we were sitting in the chapel, waiting for Sunday School to start the teacher came up to Steven and me and asked while handing us a For Strength of Youth pamphlet,
"Can one of you talk to the class about sexual purity?"
... Steven of course says,
"Emily would love to."
So the teacher told me to read the section on sexual purity and take about 3 to 5 minutes to summarize what I had read...
Hi. I have a hard time making a comment about ANYTHING in class as it is. I am the youngest one in there most of the time and therefore feel incredibly intimidated. I just keep my mouth shut and learn from others. Unless I REALLY feel the itch to speak up.
When asked to speak about sexual purity in front of a huge class of adults with kids and grand kids older than me, all I could think was... I can't talk to them about this. I am still a kid. Just a kid who does not know anything.
So, being desperate, I turned to Steven and asked him to PLEASE give the little speech instead of me.
At EFY (a.k.a. Especially For Youth) where we met as counselors, we dedicated one day to the For Strength of Youth. Counselors were assigned a topic from the For Strength of Youth pamphlet to teach a class on, and the kids took turns going to each of the classes. Every week Steven got the topic of sexual purity. It only seemed natural to have him speak to THIS class about a topic he had already studied and knew so much about...
After giving me a hard time Steven finally agreed to teach this special lesson for me.
When it came to the sexual purity part of the lesson the teacher turned to me and asked me to share what I had learned. When Steven spoke in my stead, the teacher got that confused look on his face and stopped Steven from talking by saying,
"Oh you made him do it, huh?"
Everyone laughed and my face got BRIGHT RED, I tried not to make eye contact with anyone and the only thing that I could say was, " I had to. I can't do it." Then I proceeded to stick my head between my knees and hyperventilate.
Shortly after Steven was done sharing his little spill, which was actually quite good, I left to prepare for the lesson I had to teach in Young Women's. Whew.
There are two things about me that I am not sure I love, but deal with.
1. I have this crazy ability to make any situation awkward. ANY SITUATION. If it is already awkward I can make it even more awkward without even trying. Impressive right?
2. I also have the ability to get significantly younger at a moments notice. When I see leaves, or a puddle I must jump on them. Candy is my biggest downfall, I could listen to stories all day long, especially if they are stories from my dad. I have a hard time talking about anything intimate (with anyone other than my husband). I also have a hard time functioning after 9:00, most of the time Steven has to help me to bed. See? I am ten at heart.
On a good note I would rather be 10 than 80. So, I feel pretty good about my life.

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  1. That is funny. I also feel really intimidated in Sunday School and keep my mouth shut. I would have handed it over to my hubs, too.