Friday, December 11, 2009

Once a bride, always a bride... right?

I am such a nerd. After 9 months of being married I still can't get enough of our wedding pictures. These are some pictures that I had to share.It is crazy to me how well this picture captures Steven's personality. He is SO handsome, SO happy, always flashing that "make my heart melt" kind of smile, and I am SO lucky that he is mine. Did this picture bring tears to your eyes? Oh good. Me too. Steven has such a beautiful mother. We can't wait to see her! It has been a looooong time.This was the hardest picture to take the whole day. This was one of the 100 shots of this picture we have. It was crazy and we couldn't stop laughing. You can't see them all but there are over 20 kids in this picture. Some were crying, some were being funny, some kept walking away, and a FEW stood there and posed like a Tipton would in front of a camera (Jayden). Don't they seriously look so cute? My bite sized Grandma...Steven's bite sized GrandmaGuess where Quinn learned how to dance... Any questions?

This is not a joke.
This was our get away car.
Decorated with cake frosting, and all the toilet paper my parents had in their house.
My brother Cole has many talents.
Decorating cars is NOT one of them.


  1. haha, your car is too funny! love it. you guys are so cute! i love all these pictures!

  2. That car made me giggle. And the picture of Quinn dancing. And Steven is really TALL.