Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Weekend Recap

We finally got our Christmas tree! Real, of course. Going to pick it out was so fun.We tried to get a picture with the tree in the background but this was the best we could do...I don't have any pictures of it decorated but I will have them up soon.On Saturday night we went bowling with Hailee and her boyfriend. We had to meet him before she decided to up and marry him. We approve. He is a great guy.
We had a such great time with them!
Sorry this post is so short...
Oh congrats to my friend Joni who just found out that she is having a girl!!! (I hope she does not mind that I announced that since she has not announced it on her blog yet...) We are so excited for you!


  1. Ah! haha I love it!
    1.stoked to see you guys this weekend.
    2.love that you got a live tree!
    3.me and Hailee decided you look the best with short hair over anyother short haired girl!
    Love you two cant wait to see you!!

  2. I'm so glad you guys finally got a tree. It's nice and full. I really miss having a real tree. Hooray! Your first Christmas as a married couple!

  3. aww, your tree is so cute! i wish we had a real one..