Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I smell children...

Don't worry. I got the title of the post from a movie. I did not make it up.
So, this year at the beach we somehow managed to get a picture of all the grandchildren in the Tipton family. Don't worry, I am sure we will have a few more babies to add next year but at least we have an updated picture for now.
I am the oldest grandchild but Steven is the oldest (and only) grandchild in- law. The last picture we took with all the grand kids was 5 or 6 years ago... A lot has changed since then.

From left to right we have:
Top Row: Steven, Cody, Me, Roxcie, Truman, Delilah, Sydney, Max, Chelsea, Nixie, Jonathan, Cole
Bottom Row: Brig, Jake, Violet, Sloane, McKay, Quinn, Malloy, Andrew, Jayden, and Carson hovering somewhere between both rows.

Whew! Admit it. You are kind of impressed that I remembered all of those names.
I seriously love my cousins. Being the oldest it has been so fun to watch all of them grow up. All the kids 8 and younger think that I am their aunt and get so confused when I try to tell them that I am their cousin. I guess the whole me being married thing and being so much older then them really throws them off.

Anyways, that day the lighting was so nice that we took a few more photos...

I want to go back!


  1. what a fun vacation!! oh and congrats on the BABY!! woo hoo! (:

  2. Such cute pictures em!! You are such a gorgeous girl! Cant wait to see that little one!!!