Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Baby Daddy

Sunday is a very special day in the Hale household for 2 reasons. Reason number one is that by Sunday Steven and I will have been separated from each other for a total of 11 days and 10 nights and that day HE IS COMING HOME! I know to some that is nothing but I am basically dying over here. Don't judge me. You would think that I would be used to being away from him for long periods of time since we did not even live in the same state until we were engaged but being married changes things a bit. Reason number two that Sunday is special is because Sunday will be Steven's first real Fathers Day and I am excited about it. Maybe more than he is. So, in honor of his special day I am going to dedicate a couple posts (we all know how it works out when I say I am going to do something on this blog) or at least this one post to my handsome guy and some of my favorite memories of and with him.
I will begin now.
See this picture? DO YOU SEE THIS PICTURE? Hello GQ.
This picture just so happens to be one of my absolute favorite pictures of my guy and I took it all by myself. This picture was taken on our honey moon in San Fran. We were on our way to the ever famous, Alcatraz island when we started doing a little photo shoot. Doesn't he look so good?
Earlier on our honey moon I bought a shirt that said,"Alcatraz out patient" or something like that. I decided that the perfect place to wear it would be Alcatraz, naturally. We got ready to go in our hotel room and I put on my Alcatraz shirt and we walked out the door and down a few blocks to where crowds were gathering for the Alcatraz tour boats. As I walked up I was proud of my shirt and I thought everyone would wear their Alcatraz shirts as well. Kind of like at a sports game... As I got closer to the crowds it became obvious to me that I was the only one with an Alcatraz shirt on and instantly became embarrassed. I told Steven that I was going to walk back to our hotel to change my shirt. But Steven had other plans for my attire. Steven is a huge sports fan and I am... not. This creates the perfect (in my opinion) situation for him. He can create me to be his ultimate sports fan clone. And he did not waste this opportunity. We rushed over to a sports store and Steven gladly bought me this shirt.
(Yes, I did just take this picture. No, I did not plan to be wearing while writing this.)
It's my very own Duke basketball shirt! We love Duke basketball. And Florida Gators football, and BYU... everything and Braves baseball and the Jazz... Right, babe? What I good guy. I was embarrassed of my shirt so he bought me a new one... Wow. I am glad I figured that one out. Act embarrassed, get new clothes. Why don't I do that more often?
Man I love that guy so much! We are so different but that's what keeps things interesting. I am excited to feature more of my handsome husband this week! (Did you see that picture???) 

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