Friday, July 8, 2011

Utah- Part 2

Ok so we are leaving this afternoon for the beach and I wanted to knock out the rest of our Utah trip before we left! So, I am gonna let the pictures do most of talking. There are a ridiculous amount but we had tons of fun and I feel like I took pictures of almost everything! 
Also I took a few pictures from my sister in laws. Hope that you enjoy!                                                                          
{Winston is really into peoples faces right now. He is especially fond of his grandpa's face.}


{I love this picture an incredible amount.}

Kayak racing! Probably my favorite part of the whole trip.


{These two are engaged and are getting married next month! We are so excited to have another boy around in the family.}

 Minute to win it games. Also another favorite.

Game for just the adults. They had to start with an orange at their belly bottons and work them all the way up to their chins without using their hands. Very entertaining and a little disturbing... But mostly entertaining.

 Fouth of July celebration.

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