Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Newport Beach!

July was crazy for us! I have discovered that traveling with a baby is... ridiculous. One bag for just diapers and bath things, another bag for clothes, and one for just food, a pack and play, a stroller, and a baby bag full of stuff that might be needed at a moments notice. 
We made it through our first year with Winston at Newport! I can't wait to see what he will be like next year. It was so much fun to have him with us. 
I am glad that we are settled back in at home but we had so much fun at the beach and I can't help but miss it.
 Winston was obsessed with the sand. As soon as we set him in it he started to scoop it up onto his lap. And then he face planted into it... multiple times. It was awesome. The first day we got there and dangled him in the water he was not a fan. By the end of the week he LOVED it. He is so much fun. 
Winston did amazing on the drives for our trips (for the most part). He really is an amazing baby. I luff  him. And once again, enjoy the pictures!

Face plant.
Delilah was playing in the sand and singing to herself. How could I not take a picture?
Loving the tongue.

Again with the faces! This is my brother, Truman.
How cute are they?

My cute cousin and his henna tatoo. He kind of reminds me of Cole. It's fun.
Playing in the water.

This is my favorite picture! It is already blown up, printed out and sitting on my shelf. I love Winston's face.  And belly. And everything for that matter.
Sand on the face. Always sand on the face.

One of my favorite pictures of the trip!

Steven seriously enjoys boogie boarding.
Nixie and Winston. Nixie is getting a new little brother on the 6th! She was was so cute with Winston. 
Jonathan and Winston

 And that concludes our Newport Beach trip. Until next year!

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