Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend and Sister Wives.

Well Thanksgiving was wonderful again this year! We spent the day with Steven's sister, Jordyn, and her husband and two little girls (who Winston LOVES) and Steven's grandparents. My camera is currently dead and since moving I cannot find the charger so I have been using Steven's iphone to take pictures with (when he lets me) and sadly we only got 1 picture of thanksgiving.
Jordyn made the yummiest turkey. All the food was delicious and we ate way too much of it.
Steven, Winston and I spent the night at her place so that at 10:00 that night we could go to the outlets at Anthem for some awesome black friday deals.
Steven and I LOVE black Friday. I am all for the shops opening later at night. I would rather stay up until 10:00pm to shop than wake up at 4:00am.
This picture does not do the crowds justice. It was a little packed. It can be really overwhelming and sometimes I get really bad anxiety and I need to get out of the store before I pass out. But not this year. Lucky for us Jordyn lives right across the street from the outlets and we were able to beat most of the crowds and shop and get out of there before it get really bad.
Friday night we were able to go see the Mesa temple lights with my extended family. Most of them were in town for the holiday and it was nice to see them. We all showed up at different times so I didn't really get many pictures of any of them... Sadly.

Saturday night we were able to meet up with some of our favorite friends at our favorite place, Oreganos.
Since these friends live in Queen Creek and Utah we don't get to see them nearly as much as we would like (especially the ones in Utah) and catching up was a lot of fun and much needed. After we ate we went cosmic bowling. I can't explain the pictures below. There is just something about a pregnant woman and bowling balls (just to clarify there is only one pregnant woman here. That would be Hailee. Joni and I were just reminiscing. And it was awesome).

I call the above picture "sister wives." It just feels right.
We had a great weekend. I am sad it's over. Now it's time to get ready for Winston's first Birthday and Christmas. Time is flying!

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