Thursday, December 15, 2011

My husband wears crocs.

I am a person that believes in trying to look your best when going out in public. To me it shows that I respect myself and I care about how I present myself to others. And it just makes me feel good to put effort into my appearance. Therefore, I do my very best to never, ever leave the house in pajamas. Ever. Steven, however, is very different. He will often leave the house after work in his grey sweat pants, a T- shirt, and crocks. I hate it. If you wear crocs at all they should never, EVER leave the house.
Well, one night Steven and I wanted to take a trip to the mall down the street to grab something. I went into my room and got my shoes on and Steven asked me if I was ready to go. I walked out of the room and saw that he had on his crocs... His fuzzy, extra smelly, ugly crocs. I asked him if he would be changing his shoes and staying true to his crock love he said no. So, like the good wife that I am I offered to grab him another pair of shoes and put them on his feet for him. He still protested. Our adorable playful banter (that was not playful at all because I was actually totally very serious) went on for a while and then I had a light bulb moment.
I have a dress that was my grandma's back in the day. It is an empire waist, has long flowing sleeves, goes down to the ground, and has lace around the collar, cuffs, and the bottom. Oh! and it's completely patchwork. It looks like a quilted dress. The way that I feel about crocks is the way that Steven feels about this dress times 10.
This is not the exact dress but it is pretty darn close. It's pretty bad...
I finally gave up our battle because I clearly was not going to win and I told Steven that I would meet him in the car. I ran to our room, got on the dress and walked out to the car.
Now Steven was so embarrassed that he locked the car and made me stand outside of the car for far too long before finally letting me in.
And dressed in his crocks and me in my dress we headed to the mall. I don't think that he found my dress as funny as I did but since that day I have not seen him wear his crocks in public. I guess I got my point across.


  1. Emily for the win! :) hahaha so amazing.

  2. this post really made me laugh. i also hate crocs. there is something very unsettling about them.

  3. I strangely like this dress. Don't judge.