Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pre- It's Christmas Time!

We kicked off the holiday season with a good ol' ward Christmas party. 
Do you like the outfit Winston is wearing? Steven does not. However I will never get rid of it. That outfit has been worn by me, and all three of my brothers when we were babies. I think it is adorable! Long live the baby Santa suit.
 Winston also met Santa for the first time. Too cute for words? Oh yes. I do think so. 

 This one is the winner. No crying. Just curiosity and smiling. That boy makes more and more proud every day. 
 Steven and I then ditched the kid for a night and went to an ugly Christmas party that my aunt hosted.
We are also BIG fans of the engagement pose. Or was it just me... 
 My parents were there too!
I love this picture of them 

Please note the shoulder pads on this charm of a sweater. They kind of made the whole thing. 
More Christmas fun to come... 

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