Monday, May 21, 2012

Buckle up for safety!

Ok this post is not really about buckling, but it is about safety!
I am not even a little bit qualified to speak about women's safety, however, I do claim to know a few tips.
My father has worked in a prison a majority of my life. Since he has worked in a prison and been around men who... get around, he knows a few of their tricks and what they are looking for to get what they want. My dad heres a lot of disturbing things from inmates first hand about what they looked for before they got to prison.
I have grown up with my dad giving me warnings about certain things and I am grateful for it. Now I think it is time that I share the wealth.
Today I will share 4 safety tips. I know that I am kind of making light of it but this is so serious. If some women would have known some of these tips, their virtue and/ or life could have been spared.

1.  See these?

Girly bumper stickers. Let's imagine for a second that there is a sexual predator... He is in a grocery store parking lot and looking for a girl. He scans the parking lot and sees a car that screams, " I have girl parts!!" Knowing this will be an easy target, he goes and gets under the car, waits for her to come out and... Yes. This has actually happened.
I was always taught to NEVER put anything on my car that indicates that I am a girl.
Also, when getting into your car, always have your keys ready to go. Even before you even get in the car.

2. Along the same lines... See these?
 These make me so mad. And with the names? Why?
What kind of message are you sending to a sexual predator? I'll tell you.
"Hey guy (or women I suppose), I have four children! 3 girls, 1 boy. Their names are... Come follow me home so you can kidnap my children!"
You are basically giving any predator all the info they need. Let's leave the kids off the back of the car.

3. Don't be stupid. Never go running at night by yourself. You know why.

4. Don't go running with head phones on full blast.
If someone happened to sneak up behind you how could you even have a chance to get away if you can't hear them? You just made yourself 1000 times more vulnerable.

My intent of writing this post was not only to scare you (did it?) but to give you a leg up. It's so important that we know how to protect ourselves, even a little bit. I am sorry if this came off as harsh. I am guess I am just a little passionate about my safety and the safety of others.


  1. nope, I like this post. I'd have never thought about the car sticker thing.

  2. I LOVE hearing this kind of stuff. I'm a paranoia about scary people so anything I can do to keep my family safe, I love to hear. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like to call my dad Mr. Safety. He taught me a lot about being paranoid. Just kidding, but he really did teach me a lot, even if we weren't allowed to have a trampoline (broken neck) or ride in the back of a truck (broken everything). It's always nice to learn more. And really, those stickers are terrible. Please stop using them, not just for safety, but for dignity's sake.