Friday, June 15, 2012


Did you know that we just bought a house in north Mesa?
Did you know that my mom had a high school sweetheart?
Like, they were really into each other. Did you know that this sweetheart of hers now lives in the same exact house that he grew up in with a family of his very own?
You didn't know that? Well then I bet you didn't know that I can stand on my drive way and see my mother's high school sweethearts house. I also bet you did not know that this ex boy friend of hers and his family are in fact in our new ward.
Wanna hear something even weirder? Just days after discovering this, we go to our new ward and guess who just moved in... MY high school sweetheart and a family of his very own... Oh yes. This is real people. I can't make this up.
Moral of the story? DO NOT STEADY DATE IN HIGH SCHOOL. This way you can avoid situations like this one. What are the odds that my mom's ex boyfriend and my ex boyfriend would both end up being in my ward? Does it get more awkward?  I say unto you, nay. It does not.


  1. Hahaha! My dad's high school sweetheart and her family lived in our family's ward while I was growing up, and it was awkward. For like 20 years.