Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Steven was born!

Steven's Birthday was last Tuesday and we used the entire week to celebrate! Oh yes we did. But now that the celebrating has come to an end I decided that I should post the festivities.
We ended up celebrating his Birthday on 4 different occasions with different family and friends.  It was so fun but man am I tired! Also, I made three cakes... from a mix but still...
Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us or sent cards or just showed your love to my husband. I think he is a pretty neat guy.

On Steven's actual Birthday we woke up early for breakfast and gifts before he headed out to play golf on a day that was 115 degrees. Then we went to Cafe Rio for lunch (of course) Then, we went to one of favorite places, Joe's farm grill, in Gilbert with some friends and then went over to a friends house for cake and games. I also made a "golf cake" that I am really proud of. Thank you, pinterest. Also, thank you Winston's toy golf set.
Over the weekend we went to another friends house for pizza (not pictured), had some church friends over for a BBQ and... cake! We had a lot of fun with so many little boys. Winston was in heaven. And we finished off the celebrating with a family dinner with my grandma's famous spaghetti. Steven's request every year.

Actually, the celebrating is not over yet. We are still waiting for the gift that Steven ordered for himself. A 55" TV... Needless to say he is pretty excited.

I love that man.

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