Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Picture Overload!

October was sort of crazy. We celebrated BIG almost every weekend. 
These following (20 something) pictures are of 2 pumpkin carving/ dinner parties we hosted in our backyard and our Halloween block party which was adorable. 
Don't get overwhelmed by the amount of pictures. 
They are all gems...

{Cute wreath made by a female in Steven's family. I am guessing it was his mom but I never really got a clear answer. I got TONS of complements on it! I love it.} 

{Dinner (soup) party #1}

{Dinner (potluck) party #2}

{My little Robot/ "bot bot"/ tin-man}
{Hardly saw those baby blues all night.}

{Steven the "accountant" sitting at our super pretty booth... It was a hit though.}

{Only my kid would go into someones garage, steal their broom and proceed to sweep the drive way.}

{Glinda the good witch. Also, this is my high school prom dress.}

{Eating some doughnuts.}

{And then he stole someones bike. Still no eyes.}

{The scarecrow, lion, Dorothy, the good witch & the tin-man.}

{Little flirt.}

{Walking home with his little cart.}

{The only picture of us taken on Halloween night. We love each other.}

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  1. So many cute pictures!! Looks like a fun and busy October :)