Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My once 5 lb 5 oz little baby boy turned 2 on Dec. 22. 
This kid is talking non stop mostly in his own language that only I can (sometimes) understand. 
He is starting to use the potty. But we are taking our time with that. 
He loves trains. LOVES them. He calls them "choo choos." 
He also loves anything boy. 
trucks, cars, balls, football, planes, animals...
He loves singing with actions/ dancing.
He knows exactly what he wants at any given time and he will not hesitate to tell you just exactly what that is. Even if it is in his own special language. 
He also loves screaming. 
I don't love that as much. 
 He is just so much fun and I am so so so glad that he is ours.
We were lucky enough to celebrate his Birthday twice. Lucky kid. 
Once with my family and his church friends a week before his actual Birthday. We were supposed to have the party at the park but due to rainy/ cold weather we had to have it at our house at the last minute. We celebrated again with Steven's family who happened to be in town on his actual Birthday. We went to the train park in Scottsdale. Winston was in HEAVEN. 

The grub

I should also mention that Winston and my SIL share the same Birthday. 

Cute cousins.

Christmas post coming soon! 

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