Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's Christmas Time!

This is my last post about the holidays and then... I can move on! I am kind of relieved about that.
Christmas 2012 was a great one for us. Steven's entire family were here in Arizona for Christmas time and we spent it all with them. I missed seeing my family on Christmas but I loved just staying in one place for Christmas and not traveling from place to place. 
We were able to host the Hale gang at our house the Sunday before Christmas. I played the violin in church every Sunday during December and I felt so lucky to have Steven's family and my family come to watch me play a solo in church that Sunday. Then we hosted Hales again for Christmas Eve. Lots of fun! 
We loved seeing the Hale family and miss them all already. Winston will occasionally shout his cousins names randomly. It's the best. 
 Adorable little nephew.
 Christmas with Aunt V before she had to go back home for Christmas. 
 My sis in law turned 23 on the 23rd. We celebrated at our house and gave her some very special cake toppings. 

 The escape artists running in the front yard. 
 Making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. 

 The reason for the season... 
 EARLY Christmas morning at our house before heading to my sis in laws. 
 The best gift! Steven took my old bike and completely re-did it. 
It is a dedication to my first car. Hence the purple and the name Phoebe. 

 Another favorite gift from Steven, Michael Kors makes the prettiest watches.
 Steven opening what he says is his favorite gift from me. I FINALLY changed my name after almost 4 years. I wrapped up my drivers license and let him open it. The reaction was priceless. I am officially Mrs. Emily Zoe Hale. 
 2 beautiful nieces in this picture... Can you find them both? 
 Winston with his favorite Christmas gift, the "choo choo book"

 Steven and his mom with all the grandkids at the Mesa Temple Lights!
Almost the whole family! (excuse the quality. The iphone is not the best camera.) 
Whew! I sure am glad that the holidays are over but it's always a little bitter sweet. 

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