Monday, January 14, 2013

2012- in Review!

This is a ridiculous amount of pictures but for some reason I wanted to do the highlights of the year for me. 
2012 was a great year for us. Lots of learning, laughing and lessons in patience. 
My favorite thing about this year was really just watching Winston do/ learn new things. I have a feeling this will be my favorite thing for many more years. It's just that great. 

JAN- We bought our very first house. We feel so grown up. 
FEB- Winston is caught reading books on his own and this is still one of his favorite things to do. 
We also celebrated Valentines day by going to my favorite Oreganos. 

MARCH- We spent most of March playing in the perfect AZ weather/ Celebrated our 3rd year at the temple and going to dinner/ We were given our first piano that we LOVE! 

APRIL- Easter with cousins and my family/ Pat Tillman run

MAY- Combined 23rd Birthday party with my best friend, Hailee/ Mothers Day/ Utah trip 

JUNE- Fathers Day for my favorite guys.

JULY- Fourth of July/ My grandparents went on a mission!/ Newport Beach trip/ Winston and I took a trip to the lake with my Hailee and family.

AUGUST- We celebrated Steven's 26th Birthday/ Took a day trip to Payson to see ASU scrimmage/ ASU football season begins/ my cousin Colter was born! 

SEPTEMBER-  My newest cousin, Cici was born/ my brother Cole returned home from his mission in Fukuoka Japan/ Cole moved in with us/ we went on a ward camp out. 

OCTOBER- 2 dinner & pumpkin carving parties with friends/ Halloween block parties with  Hailee and family. We did a donut eating competition booth and it was awesome. 

NOVEMBER- Ran first 5k in 29:50/ Thanksgiving/ Tipton family pictures/ temple lights with my family.

DECEMBER- Polar express (which sparked Winston's obsession with trains)/ picked out a Christmas tree/ celebrated Winston's 2nd Birthday with friends and my family at our house and again with Steven's family at the train park/ And of course, CHRISTMAS! 

What a year. 

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  1. I loved this post! Steven must really like that green shirt. I felt like I saw that shirt a few times. :) And I like that his green shoes match his green shirt in your little family picture. And I loved seeing all of my other cousins in the big family group pictures. I miss them. Oh, and my sis is down in Arizona now! You guys should hang out with her sometime! I know she would love that. She misses her hubby and her dog. :)