Friday, January 4, 2013

This is how we party...

New Years Eve 2012. 
Did I say the previous post would be my last post about the holidays? I lied. 
This year we were pretty partied out that by the time New Years came around and we were too tired to put much of an effort to do anything amazing. 
Which is weird for me. If you know me you would know that I am a pretty social person who rarely passes up a chance to party. And by party I mean hang out, eat good food with good company, and maybe play some games. That's all I need in my life. 
Anyway, for our celebration we went and ate some yummy Mexican food with my brother (who lives with us... have I mentioned that before?) and his girlfriend and Winston. 
The real treat of the evening was that Winston kept us laughing all during dinner. Taking a 2 year old out anywhere can be pretty risky. But this night Winston won the award for best date. 
After that we came home, I put Winston to bed, we snapped the picture above, and then we promptly got in our pj's, and watched a movie. 
During the movie we did put it on pause to switch the channel and we celebrated New Years with New York. It was magic. 
Shortly after that we went to bed...
I was awoken moments before midnight with a VERY LOUD count down. 
At ONE the entire neighborhood exploded in noise. 
Steven rolled over and very sleepily kissed me and wished me a Happy New Year. 
My heart was pounding too hard to just lay there while everyone else was partying... LOUDLY. 
I grabbed my blanket and raced outside. 
The moment I walked outside I could hardly see anything from all the smoke from fireworks/ fire crackers. 
I saw adults and children running up and down my street so excited for the year to come. 
And sharing it very loudly. 
Seeing the excitement all around and how happy the neighbors around me were I actually got... a little emotional. I did. It's true. Don't make fun of me. 
There was so much hope for the new year. It was very inspiring to me. I can't put it into words. 
This neighborhood knows how to party. 
As I stood there on my driveway, by myself with my blanket wrapped around me I felt a little bit of regret. 
And then I made a New Years resolution. 
Next year I will not let 2013 leave so quietly.
I am going to party in the new year. 

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