Thursday, January 17, 2013


Winston has a little stuffed bunny that he, himself, named Abby. I think he named it Abby because I read him a Sesame Street book that goes through the ABC's using characters from the show. So, A is for Abby and so on...
Hilarious to me that he actually gave her a name.
Anyway, Abby is his nighttime companion. When I put Winston to bed he is usually pretty wired. So I lay Abby down on the pillow and say, "Abby is going to sleep. Goodnight Abby!"  And Winston will always lay down right next to her. He LOVES her.
Yesterday Winston was playing with his tricycle inside (because it was too cold in my opinion to play outside) while I was making lunch and I heard him say, "Abby sit!" I turned around and I saw this.
I had to quickly take a picture with my phone so excuse the awful quality. 

I about died from the cuteness. I think he is going to make a fantastic (and bossy) big brother one day.

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  1. I'm so glad Abby has a life outside of the Easter storage box now! He is so cute!